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Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 15:12:46 EST

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    > on 03/28/2001 06:24, Jeffrey Blankfort at jab@tucradio.org wrote:
    > There should be no question that Horrorwitz knew exactly what the
    > reaction would be to his advertisements, and so he gets a million bucks
    > worth of free publicity and perhaps, something approaching that added to
    > his bank account from the deep pockets neo-fascist right.
    > Jeff Blankfort

    I remember this lovely cartoon from Punch, in which a math instructor
    attempts to present 'relevancy' for his math class - based upon the
    then chic academic concern about all portions of the academy being
    'relevant' - which from memory may not have always been the correct
    phrase d' jure.

    But I find it almost comical that 'neo-fascism' has come back into
    the forefront in the current 'failing market economy'.....

    Have we decided to actually define 'fascism' in any new and improved
    post-modern deconstructionist language enhancement, or are we still
    planning to use it solely for its emotive value, and the glorious
    appeal it offers back to the great days of the last good war, and
    sucking up to the generation that we really want to replace, so that
    we can get their gigs - which if I recall in the akademik game is
    their chair in their department, and with it the right to fill up
    the rest of the seats with our cronies rather than the last set of
    cronies - a point made redundently comical to those of us from the
    WarMonger Community, who recall the desperate struggle the WWII era
    vets had wresting crontrol of the VFW/AFL halls from the hands of
    the WWI/SpanishCivilWar Era vets, only to get whined at by the
    Vietnam Era Vets, who have at times been the same for the current
    Persian Gulf War Era Veterans, who's 'era' is still open.... check
    it out with Congress's Veteran's Affair WebPage happy kampfr's....

    So before we all start panicking that this time around the kiddies
    might actually IMPLEMENT 'wild in the streets' - that AIP classic
    genre piece, the sin que non of all that was 'best and brightist'
    in the whole

        tune in, turn on, drop out

    motif of marketting - maybe we should wonder whether or not academic
    freedom had merit on its own accord - independent of the need to
    unseat the 'incumbents'.....

    But maybe that sort of analysis leads us into the intellectual horrors
    of wondering, to aloud, why it is that the 1950 Columbia Encyclopedia
    explained that the era of entreprenuers had ended with Henry Ford, as
    the corporation system provided the new and improved .... but some how
    the whole 'entreprenuerial arts' lead to the dot.com crash, and as such
    clearly must be replaced by the 'corporate state'..... or we might have
    people out there foolishly seeking to

        create the conditions you describe

    and they might not always vote with the correct implementation of the
    party line, whether it is the

        "party on the left, meets the party on the right...."

    and we spin up our old vinyl and chant:

        "We don't get fooled again....."


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