[sixties-l] Student Protests Against Horowitz Ad

From: Ron Jacobs (rjacobs@zoo.uvm.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 12:37:25 EST

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    >Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 05:56:49 -0500 (EST)
    >This is a Press Release/Statement from the Black Radical Congress
    >The Black Radical Congress (BRC)
    >For Immediate Release
    >March 28, 2001
    >Contact: Erica Smiley, yelimske@hotmail.com
    > Sam Anderson, ebontek@earthlink.net
    >The recent attack on Black people mounted by ultra-right
    >winger David Horowitz, in full-page, anti-reparations
    >advertisements which he attempted to publish on more than
    >50 university campuses nationwide, has created an unsafe
    >climate for Black students on those campuses. The content
    >of the ads, particularly in the absence of any refuting
    >arguments, constitutes a message of hate, pure and simple.
    >In attacking the basic concept of reparations, a concept
    >the Black Radical Congress strongly supports and which is
    >rapidly gaining diverse support around the country, the ad
    >maliciously misrepresents the activities and perspectives
    >of historical Black movements.
    >We stand by the declaration in our Freedom Agenda, that "As
    >the descendants of enslaved Africans, we have the legal and
    >moral right to receive just compensation for the oppression,
    >systematic brutality and economic exploitation Black people
    >have suffered historically, and continue to experience today."
    >But even more outrageous than Horowitz's views -- views he
    >is constitutionally entitled to express -- is his use of
    >campus newspapers as the principal weapon to specifically
    >target a nearly defenseless population: Black youth.
    >Obviously, he knows that Black students lack access to
    >the financial means required to mount a counter-attack.
    >The Black Radical Congress applauds the valiant efforts of
    >Black students and their supporters -- White, Latino, Asian
    >and Native American students -- who are protesting the
    >use of institutional publications by the equivalent of a
    >Holocaust-denier to purvey his white supremacist ideology.
    >We join these students in demanding that universities
    >provide a safe and positive environment for all of
    >their students, equally. The First Amendment does
    >not justify racism or entitle hateful people to
    >destabilize and render dangerous the learning
    >environments of Black youth.
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