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    MODNOTE: Most people have eyes but do not see, and ears but do not hear.
    I saw most "Sixties Radicals", as pigs, then. I see most of them, as pigs, now.

    I started organizing against the Vietnam war, shortly after returning from
    it, in the Sixties, and saw the lack of understanding and commitment most
    anti-war movement "leaders" had, to the cause. Granted, I was brainwashed,
    into joining the Marines, to fight and die for my country, but I quickly
    learned, after a few short hours in boot camp, that I screwed up, big-time,
    and I have been trying, to make amends, ever since.

    The Peace Movement was the "fun thing to do" for many bourgeois California
    college students, during the Vietnam era, and even today. I joined the
    Marines, in 1965, after graduating from high school, in Southern
    California, so I had and have a much different perspective, in terms of
    fighting for peace and other worthy causes, as most of you are surely
    aware, by now.

    As a Chicano, I instinctively related, to the type of poverty, racism and
    oppression the U.S. was subjecting the Vietnamese people to, very much.
    Most anti-war protesters were totally unaware of this aspect of the war,
    and of the true nature of the military and America's racist agenda.

    Most of the anti-war protesters knew nothing about what it is like, to be
    poor and oppressed, due to the color of your skin, all your life, and their
    leaders didn't usually care, to hear about it. I would often have to force
    the issue of racism onto White liberal and leftist agendas, as these
    leaders struggled, to keep our U.S. Minority demands out of the picture,

    I personally saw the huge disproportionate numbers of Non-White "grunts"
    (infantrymen), who were sent to the frontlines of Vietnam, to die or be
    maimed for life, while soldiers mostly from the middle- and upper classes
    literally partied, in the rear. Mostly U.S. Minorities and poor Whites were
    mowed down, in Vietnam, along with many more innocent people whose only
    "offense" was being born Vietnamese.

    This is what I was trying to convey, to the Peace Movement, in the Sixties
    and Seventies, but most of its White leaders had a much different agenda,
    as we can see much more clearly, today. We not only had to contend with the
    racism, in society-at-large and the military, there was no less racism
    against us, in the Peace Movement, then, and even now.

    Nevertheless, American and Vietnamese people were still being slaughtered,
    over there, so I put up with the racist leaders, in the Peace Movement, to
    help stop the killing, in Vietnam, knowing full well once the war ended,
    these superstar "radicals" would go back, to their ritzy lives of sex,
    drugs and rock-n-roll, leaving the rest of us, to cope on our own, with the
    poverty and oppression we were trapped in, all along.

    These scoundrels always tried, to act like they really liked us Non-White
    activists, showing us off like trophies, to each other, as they struggled,
    to become the main leaders of their packs. Most of them were children of
    the rich and well-to-do, with the luxury of calling mommy and daddy for
    money, transportation or a lawyer, after a drug bust, unwanted pregnancy or

    David Horowitz is a good example of these so-called "Sixties radicals,"
    along with Tom Hayden, Jerry Brown and many other racists, once labelled
    "leftists" and "revolutionaries," by the establishment. The establishment
    is now showing off these "born-again racists," like trophies, to prove how
    right and superior White racists were, all along.

    Even with their long hair, fancy speeches, free drugs and loose ways, I
    always saw these so-called radicals of the Sixties and Seventies, as the
    racists they still are, and will always be. Most people do not become less
    racist, as they age, they become more racist, as Horowitz is proving.

    Non-Whites see the same problem, in today's environmental movement, where
    most "White liberals" and "White radicals" would rather fight for anything
    but against the poverty and oppression their parents and other elders are
    subjecting millions of Americans to. These children of the rich and
    well-to-do come for sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, just like some of their
    parents used to do, at mass demonstrations of the past.

    Today's "radicals" come, in droves, to Northern California, where I now
    live; not so much, to protest the rape of our redwood forests, as to have
    "fun, fun, fun!" In the meantime, their parents and other elders, also
    labelled "radicals" in their youth, are exploiting, oppressing,
    incarcerating and killing millions of poor and Non-White Americans to, in
    every-which-way they can get away with, across the country.

    Many of today's "radicals" will come out of the closet, to capitalize on
    their racist views, in the future, just like David Horowitz is doing, now.
    There is more racism in America, now, than ever, but more ways to hide it,
    too. paz, ruben

    A Radical Transformation

    Former '60s Agitator David Horowitz Has Changed His Politics, But Not His Tone

    By Michael Powell
    Washington Post Staff Writer


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