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Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 09:24:06 EST

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    The headline should read: Horrorwitz Outbarnum's Barnum.

    There should be no question that Horrorwitz knew exactly what the
    reaction would be to his advertisements, and so he gets a million bucks
    worth of free publicity and perhaps, something approaching that added to
    his bank account from the deep pockets neo-fascist right.

    Jeff Blankfort

    Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 18:22:46 -0800
    > From: radman <>
    > Subject: [sixties-l] Horowitz and the Myth of the Radical University
    > Published on Saturday, March 24, 2001
    > Horowitz and the Myth of the Radical University
    > by Robert Jensen
    > Thanks to conservative author David Horowitz's recent lecture at the
    > University of Texas, I have new hope for radical political organizing
    > on campus.
    > Many of us on the faculty with left/progressive values have felt
    > rather isolated on what we all thought was a conservative campus. But
    > it turns out that all this time we've been working in a nest of
    > left-wing radicals who have over-run the place, leaving conservatives
    > cowering in silence.
    > At least that's Horowitz's analysis. University faculties around the
    > country, including UT, are "skewed far to the left" as a result of
    > conservative professors being "systematically purged," according to
    > Horowitz, a one-time leftist turned right-winger.

    > Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 22:56:56 -0800
    > From: radman <>
    > Subject: [sixties-l] For David Horowitz, No Middle Ground
    > Radical Transformation
    > For David Horowitz, No Middle Ground
    > Former '60s Agitator David Horowitz Has Changed His Politics, But Not His Tone
    > By Michael Powell
    > Washington Post Staff Writer
    > Wednesday, March 28, 2001; Page C01
    > BERKELEY, Calif. - The student warriors have pants that pool about their
    > feet and tattoos that crawl around their biceps, and more piercings than a
    > Dinka chieftain. They're gathered to hear a former high priest of the 1960s
    > left.
    > "I marched for civil rights not only before you were born," the speaker
    > begins, "but before many of your parents were born . . ."
    > The audience shifts, restless.
    > "Thirty years ago I contributed to the atmosphere here" he pauses; his
    > eyes dance "and I'm appalled! This is a place of intellectual terror!
    > Leftists have contempt for America."
    > So perfect, this David Horowitz moment, the blend of agitprop and
    > indignation and intellectual provocation. A week before, the 62-year-old
    > Marxist turned conservative Republican firebrand called the Berkeley
    > student newspaper and took out an advertisement to advance his new cause:
    > "Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks Is a Bad Idea for Blacks and
    > Racist Too."
    > It ran, and a student "coalition of color" confiscated the newspapers and
    > marched into the Daily Californian office and demanded that the editor
    > apologize for running the ad. Which, they insisted, was hurtful, and
    > racist, and oppressive.
    > Horowitz's trap was so well laid that its jaws slapped shut before the
    > students realized what had happened. Soon newspapers and liberal writers
    > and civil libertarians across the country were slamming the radicals for
    > political correctness run amok.

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