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Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 04:12:50 EST

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    that is bullshit....the holocaust is a product of the many years of pogroms
    waged against jews in europe along with the fact that the germans and the
    austrians were falling prey to hitler's idea of the master race and a greater
    germany after the defeat of the first world regard to holocaust
    reparation payments, i feel that the jews are owed innumerable amounts of
    dinero...being a child of holocaust survivors, i feel that the native americans,
    the blacks and the hispanics can claim reparations from the us wrote:

    > So has there been any indication (inc. in Horowitz's piece, which I've not
    > spent time on) whether DH believes the German reparation payments (such as
    > they've been) for Holocaust victimization are wrong?
    > On a related point--Ron Jacobs' comment--there are some among some subgroup
    > of the rightist among Jewish groups who do feel the Holocaust's point was to
    > establish Israel, I'm afraid.
    > Paula

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