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Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 01:04:04 EST

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    > on 03/25/2001 18:00, Bill Davis at wrote:

    > We are approaching the thirtieth anniversary of the best anti-Vietnam War
    > action ever, MAYDAY!
    > Anybody on this list heard of gatormayday? Any Tampa Mayday folks out there?

    Sorry, I was out of area at the time.

    Catch us up on what it was like.....

    For me, we were forming up with the remnants of the colnel's coup in Libya.

    The big joke of course has been that as the long pull of kharma, I would
    wind up meeting the american nurse who would be pulled out of the way
    when Idi Amin, that great bastion of lex rex from Libya, would have his
    daughter treated in Libya, after the PLA trained Tanzanian forces would
    overrun Uganda..... But of course after interviewing one of their company
    commanders, there was little to learn that had not already been reported
    about PLA tactics....

    Hell, Maybe you can help me understand whether or not Libya was a part
    of the Western EuroKentric Cultural Imperialists for supporting Uganda
    against The People's Revolutionary Forces from Tanzania, or was this
    merely the sort of clear ideological deviationalism we should have seen
    coming when the Maoists opted for the cult of personality in lieu of
    adopting the Khruschevianist thaw during the de-stalinization period.

    Or was is suppose to be the otherway around, that the Dengist Capitalist
    Roaders, were the true torch bearers of the correct implementation of
    the marxists-leninist policy, in spite of the fact that this would leave
    them aligned, ideologically at least, with the soviet hegomonists, and
    their puppet toadies in Hanoi, who would use german blitzkrieg tactics
    to overrun the Correct Implementation by the Khmer Rouge, in kampuchea.

    But I guess that we can all agree that no one is really suprised that
    after the evil reaganites supported the talliban against the correct
    implementation of socialist fraternalism in afghanistan, that it is
    not too surprising that american vietnam era vets and soviet afghani
    vets share a common concern about the fact that back home the party
    ideologs, who were unable to attend the war, because, well, like
    they were having a bad hair day, are still trumpetting the same sort
    of pro-patria rhetoric that has lead the american right wingers to
    jump in bed with the hanoi regime against our armed fellow travellors
    who would shoot it out in Cholon during the Tet Offensive, and die
    in their fighting positions in waves, especially now that it is
    as inconvenient to their northern bretheran, as their presence had
    been to the TV watchers of the sixties.

    But what can we do if their government decides to screw over their
    veterans of the war, just like the americans....

    In the end, as one of my brothers who was hanging out on Tu Do street
    a couple of years back, and this VC grey hair, sitting on the stoop
    across the way, and giving him stink eye, for being a round eye, would,
    after one of those 'new version' females in an ao dai, on a moped,
    transitted their AO, and both, noticing out of the corner of their
    eye, that all ideology aside, one just has got to respect natural talent.

    Don't really matter who was shooting at whom at the time.

    "Ain't that worth fighting for?"

    a look most warriors still understand,
    all politics aside.....


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