[sixties-l] FBI and Injustice-a presentation

From: Ron Jacobs (rjacobs@zoo.uvm.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 10:43:34 EST

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    >> Everyone is invited Free of charge University of Vermont -
    >>, Vermont
    >>information 802 434-3172 roznews@aol.com
    >>Crimes of the State:
    >>The FBI and Injustice in America
    >>A Panel Discussion with Investigative Experts
    >>Tuesday, April 10, 2001, 7 pm, Marsh Life Science Auditorium
    >>Marsh is the building east of the Bailey-Howe Library on the UVM Campus
    >>Moderator: Roz Payne
    >>Doug Valentine: expert witness for the Martin Luther King family last
    >>year in Memphis
    >>where the jury concluded the F.B.I. was a principal architect in the
    >>assassination of Dr. King
    >>Dhoruba bin Wahad: a Black Panther, spent 19 years in prison. He was
    >>recently released by a judge who determined the F.B.I. had fabricated
    >>charges against him. He settled a major lawsuit against the F.B.I. in
    >>January of 2001.
    >>Frank Wilkinson: Director of NCARL, the National Committee Against
    >>Repressive Legislation, concerned with repeal of F.B.I. legislation
    >>called the Anti Terrorism bill (1996).
    >>John Clark: attorney in a lawsuit against the FBI for altering testimony
    >>in Vince Foster's death.
    >>Greg Flannery: voting fraud expert, editor of City Beat, the second
    >>largest newspaper in Cincinnati.
    >>*Michael Ruppert: former LAPD Narcotics detective will discuss the CIA
    >>bringing crack into Los Angeles and their collaboration with the F.B.I.
    >>*Daryl Cheney of EARTH FIRST will discuss the F.B.I. assassination
    >>attempt against him
    >>and Judi Bari which involved a bomb in his car. He has initiated a
    >>lawsuit CHENEY vs F.B.I.
    >>*invited but not confirmed

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