[sixties-l] Kent State May Fourth Commemoration Denied Funding.

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 22:19:18 EST

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    Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001
    From: "Nathan Solinsky" <javanate@earthlink.net>
    Subject: ACTION ALERT: Kent State right wing tries to bury May 4

    Kent State May Fourth Commemoration Denied Funding.

    First time in 30 years and only request denied this year by Student Senate

    Barbara Bush allocated $60,000 by same committee.


    The 31st Annual Commemoration of the May 4, 1970 shootings at Kent State has
    been denied funding. For 30 years without exception Kent State has held a
    commemoration every May 4th to remember the tragic shooting of 13 students
    by Ohio National Guardsman. The volley of bullets which swept
    indiscriminately across campus killed 4 students and seriously wounded nine.
    This year was to be the 25th commemoration put on by the student
    organization the May Fourth Task Force. The May Fourth Task Force had
    invited Martin Luther King Jr. III to speak at this years commemoration.

    In an outrageous an unprecedented maneuver to further the personal views of
    a college republican and right wing dominated Student Senate committee,
    funding was denied to the May Fourth Task Force, despite following all the
    rules for allocations.

    In a May 3, 2000 statement, Student Senate denounced the popular
    commemorations which attract thousands of students and families to Kent
    State every year:

      "According to the statement Executive Director Nic Smith read at the
    meeting, 'In the future, we need to make sure the historical aspects of the
    May 4 incident are remembered and cease to become a showcase for personal
    political gain.'"

    The statement was specifically targeted at the May Fourth Task Force's
    decision to air a taped speech by Mumia Abu-Jamal last year. The speech made
    no mention of Mumia's personal political situation. Clearly, some students
    made a decision to go after the May Fourth Task Force next year, and they

    Ethan Picman, senator for governmental affairs and allocation committee
    member, said "he believed the committee made a biased decision because of
    personal views against May 4 and the Task Force."

    According to the Daily Kent Stater:

      "Picman said before the Task Force even spoke to the committee, the nature
    of the committee's conversation gave him the impression that other members
    had no intention to allocate money to the Task Force.

      Picman said questions were raised among committee members about why May 4
    needed to be celebrated every year and the group suggested having
    commemorations every five or 10 years."

    College republican and allocation committee member Mike Chadsey said:

      "The event seems redundant," he said. "Kent State has been doing this for
    30 years and most students were not born when May 4th happened and want to
    move past it."

    This contradicts the approximately 4,000 to 5,000 who turned out for the
    30th commemoration, one of the best attended and most widely covered events
    at Kent State in years. CNN and other national media devoted hours of
    programming to the 30th commemoration. The Learning Channel produced a new
    hour long documentary on the subject in honor of the anniversary. Tens of
    thousands of visitors come to the May Fourth Task Force's web site at
    http://dept.kent.edu/may4 and letters continually pour in from young and old
    across the world thanking the Task force for their important work. The
    families of the slain students attend every year and always offer their
    support to the May Fourth Task Force. Does this happen to events that are
    "redundant" and nobody cares about?

    Contact Student Senate and let them know you are outraged this important
    program will go on without student senate's financial support and plans for
    nationally renowned and respected speakers will be wrecked because of
    personal political disagreements. Also express your feelings about Barbara
    Bush, of marginal relevance to Kent State, will receive $60,000 while a 30
    year tradition will be starved for money.

    Phone: (330) 672-3207
    Fax: (330) 672-2517
    Undergraduate Student Senate
    Box 75
    Office of Campus Life
    Kent, Ohio 44242-0001

    (This statement in support of, but not by the May Fourth Task Force.)

    "These students are going to have to find out what law and order is all
    - Brig. General Robert Canterbury, Noon, May 4, 1970 (minutes before his
    troops shot 13 unarmed Kent State students, killing four)

    - rabble (rab'el), n. 1. a disorderly crowd. 2. the rabble, the lower classes. http://rabblerouser.org

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