[sixties-l] Politically Correct, an apology

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Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 02:37:46 EST

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    once upon a time I naively argued the 'classical' origins of the irregular
    verb 'politically correct' from the classical marxianist position of

        "I am consistent with the correct implementation of marxianist-Leninist
            dialectical analysis of hisorical materialism.

        You are being doctrinaire.

        He/she/it is merely being politically correct."

    Presuming, illogically, that the term derived from the classical struggle
    originating between the trotsykite/stalinist split, and their maoist
    deviationalists, and the appropriate philology associable with the term.

    The current analysis of the political machinations behind the current

        "Redeployment of Forces"

    that occured today within our unit of the corporate structure, in which
    either 20 of 48, or 19 of 47, members of our organizations were afforded
    the opportunity of 'redeployment' within the corporate straucture, of
    which statistically 80% will, in a bull market, find re-assignment were
    in some way a clear vision of how

        Capitalism Won the Cold War

    but unpleasantly manifests the reality space that when even the capitalists
    review their holy and divine, "bottom line" - there are those who are
    retained over actual engineers - as being 'useful' - not for their ability
    to turn out the next generation of technology, or actually provide a
    pfenning to the Holy and Divine "bottom Line" - but because they afford
    elements in the 'command and control structure' with what one of my
    associates collogually referred to as a 'rim job' - since merely stuffing
    ONE head up the arse of the Corporate Overlords may not be enough; and
    having a spare tongue may be of use in lubricating the situation.

    I of course, victim of the 'ranger/recon' school of 'how to live out
    in the thin lands' have survived this ROF because, well, let us be
    honest, in the last 48 hours, I have not only been able to identify
    the coding bugs, but have also been able to provide training to the
    000-1-0's who's CarRears I have spent the last 90 days trying to save,
    because I come from the old school culture where

        Gung Ho!

    is not merely the title of a cool movie, but a chinese phrase worth
    recalling as

        "Work Together"

    and a concept of value not merely to the 8th Route Army, and their
    fans amongst the Randolph Scott cult classic from 1943!!



    see further also


    and the annoying unpleasantry that for the kiddies come of age in the
    Reagan Era,that they know ONLY the Michael Keaton/Ron Howard kowtowing
    to Japan Inc - unlike the miscreants of a by-gone era.....

    But I guess, for a generation who think that the term refers to some
    Patti Smith Classic Punk/Rock album it may be difficult for them to
    understand what it might once have meant to those who really cried
    to live and die the anthem of my UnterStumpenFumbler

        "Palladins, they do what is on the tin."

    In a land where they blithely BARF up 'morality' about 'caring', when
    what they mean to say is

        We hate the ME generation with a portfolio less than ours
        and we were all so PsychoGrooved about the rhetoric of
        privatizing the social-security system back when the NASDAQ
        was merely at 3000 points, prior to the current 1940, which
        we support as a sybolic sobroquite to the generation that
        brought us both the great depression and WWII - which as
        we all know was 'the last good war' and SCREW those vets
        who were so stoopid as to actually

            "ask not what your country can do for you...."

        since what they should have been considering was what
        their portfolio manager could do for them....

    So while my father and I may land on different sides of a wide
    collection of Political Issues - and can impolitely warn each
    other, that our obligations may lead us to divergent ends, we
    must, as honor demands, remind the other side that if they
    REALLY hold that X is a 'death camp' that moral imperatives
    would suggest that they get their candy asses in gear and start
    training up combat teams for the assault.....

    But that would unpleasantly demand of our 'civilian' counterparts
    that they actually were so committed that they follow up their
    mere 'verbiage' with 'actual action' as might disposess them of
    more than a mere changing of the channels of their cable/dish
    provided "news/entertainment" services in ways that might make
    them not merely 'late for lunch' but also for dinner and the
    rest of their fucking palm pilot planner!!!!

    So should I be so crude as to warn our 'civilian' friends that
    while they may piss away both political and ethical speculations,
    in the end of it all, when the sun has set, warriors will still
    communicate with each other, as honor demands, and the most recent
    phone call with my father confirmed, that we hold obligations with
    each other which our civilian friends may not understand!

    Fuck Them! Let them take bayonet in hand and charge.

    Although, I presume, of my father, gentleman that he is, that he
    would assert a similar maxim, perchance in differnt terms, olbiged
    as he is, retainer of the "king's coin" - that I have not followed,
    for I followed in his deeds, the actions of my course, and the
    liberty that he afforded me to say:

        The KING Is Puking Naked!!!

    Impolitely, do I remind.

    Please Puke Upon me rheoric about the party doctrine's held, and
    tell me of your Party Loyalties, and of 'down sizings' I'ls remind.

    For it was

        "Tommy This, and Tommy That...."

    and song without refrain, for we listened to your 'nobility' and
    our dharma we did retain....

    As I warned My underStumpenFumbler, which is more disconcering,

        The digger's Home Page

    or the

        NSA's release of Linux....

    the finding I leave for your gain.


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