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Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 13:59:26 EST

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    >I wonder what others feel, how others view this -and I know there
    >are some 'aging hippies' who've been on the list in the past; I
    >don't know if they are still.
    >Ted Morgan
    >radman wrote:
    >> Take Me to Your Leader
    >> <>
    >> A huge annual gathering of hippies freaks out the National Forest Service
    >> By Sam MacDonald
    >> REASON * February 2001


    I ended up reading the MacDonald piece.Thought it was well done.

    I do see and understand your points, but was unconcerned about how
    irrelevant it all seemed. As one of the aging (70+) I thought that
    the next Rainbow gathering might be a good spot to vacation. Grab my
    camping gear, five pounds of dried fruit and granola and something to
    trade. Been a long time since communal days, the underground press,
    and living on what was hustled each day. Many. many years (I think)
    since infiltration by undercover agents and wondering who the
    informers were--knowing they were always there.

    The need, for many, to always be working on solutions takes a toll.
    Might be that many of the Rainbow people use the gathering to take a
    break and generate the energy necessary to go on for another year.

    Shitting in a ditch for a week might not be attractive to most, but
    whether in a U.S. national park, the Sierra Maestra, out on patrol,
    or on the run, it's simple. With a little care it's sfae
    environmentally. A bunch easier than finding a gas station with a
    working john when driving in Chicago. In the future we'll probably
    see an innovative travel agency selling vacation packages to the
    affluent to those who want to "rough it" for a week. Provide tales
    for the board rooms and cocktail parties for those who return.

    j grant

    "It took his brother, his father, his father's friends, the Florida 
    secretary of state, and the Supreme Court to pull it off. George W's 
    entire life gives fresh meaning to the phrase 'assisted living.'"
    -- Garry Trudeau

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