[sixties-l] Virus concern put to rest

From: Charlotte Pagni (pagni@umich.edu)
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 00:36:10 EST

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    After examining the actual transmitted attachment [Pagni re: sex rev
    afterthoughts], the Virus-Busters issued this report:

    It's not infected with W32/Hybris... McAfee VirusScan with the 4120
    DAT files installed (scan engine 4.1.20) find nothing objectionable in
    the document. (No, it doesn't evaluate literary content ;)

    I suspect that the programs scanning inbound e-mail may have a bug, perhaps
    due to the way Hybris creates it's headers, and are attributing the
    infected message to the sender of the one received before or after the
    actual infected message.

    If in caution you dumped the message and would like a new copy, please
    contact me directly at <<pagni@umich.edu>>. I sincerely regret the mailbox


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