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Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 02:19:24 EST

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    In a course on "media for libraries" in 1975 at UCB, we saw an "educational"
    film (for high school students, probably) from the late 1950s (approx.) in
    which the problems between the wealthy college student and his working class
    girlfriend, then wife--who had done the deed together beforehand, if I
    recall--are finally resolved, by the voice-over, as "They had fallen in love
    with love." As was noted by the prof., V. Rosenberg, at the time, this
    propaganda film really epitomized the pre-(sixties)-"sexual-revolution".
    Does anyone know the title of this thing? (It had a scene in the middle where
    the guy, become an anthropologist, taperecords an Appalachian woman singing
    an old folksong of romantic love.) It would be a fine addition to the courses

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