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From: Ted Morgan (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 13:19:46 EST

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    Two comments on unrelated posts --thanks to Ron Jacobs for passing along the
    much-needed update to Phil Och's "Love Me I'm a Liberal."

    And I liked Charlotte's assignment in her Sex. Rev. class and wonder why I never
    thought of having students do something like that to get back into the personal space
    of the 'counterculture' (for want of a better word) that their parents' generation
    grappled with. I've done something similar with interviewing people about the war &
    military service and it has often produced some marvelous family connections (e.g.,
    fathers and uncles 'opening up' to their kids about an area they've kept silent
    about). Nice idea!
    Ted Morgan

    Charlotte Pagni wrote:

    > Dear Rich,
    > Forgot to send you my Sex Rev course description and unit outline; find
    > them below. When I taught an English Composition course on the theme of
    > the sexual revolution, I had particular success with the cross-generational
    > interview assignment.

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