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From: Ted Morgan (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 12:45:23 EST

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    Well, I could manage to read a page or so of this, then thought, Wow, sad. talk
    about going off the rails, about a once-promising moment turned pathetically
    irrelevant. I can't see the "anti-authoritarian" clashes with police as terribly
    relevant to today's grinding problems, sorry. There's a 'libertarianism,' a
    leave-me-alone-ness, a 'do-your-own-thing' side of this strain that goes back well
    into the 60s that is entirely compatible with the system and its increasing
    destruction of human lives, our communities, and our globe.

    I guess at one level, I can't and don't knock anyone for a choice of lifestyle that
    doesn't directly harm anyone else or the ecosphere, etc. But (a) there's nothing
    politically radical or significantly oppositional about this, and (b) it has the
    ultimate effect of not intelligently engaging in trying to change a system that is,
    in brutal fact, harming millions of people and eroding the ability of the planet to
    sustain life. Recall the old aphorism, "If you're not part of the solution, you're
    part of the problem." I still believe that, difficult as it is to work it out in

    I wonder what others feel, how others view this -and I know there are some 'aging
    hippies' who've been on the list in the past; I don't know if they are still.

    Ted Morgan

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    > Take Me to Your Leader
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    > A huge annual gathering of hippies freaks out the National Forest Service
    > By Sam MacDonald
    > REASON * February 2001

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