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Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 20:19:37 EST

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    It is indeed important to look at the "sexual" revolution (if any) as part of
    a larger context/concept, yes. Especially of the concept/context of opening
    the self to feelings and ways that had been socially denied. In this
    regard--concerning more this general concept, but applicable to personal
    feelings including the sexual as well as to the need for political
    action--one excellent book of interest is On Shame and the Search for
    Identity, by Helen Lynd (yes, the sociologist); this came out in paperback in
    1965 or 1966.
        Some of Marge Piercy's novels--if taken with many grains of salt--give
    hints--but also some cliches--of how things were.
       When one mentions miniskirts, I think specifically of the "miniskirt
    teacher" case in Contra Costa County, California (probably Concord or Walnut
    Creek but I'm not sure) in 1967. This received considerable coverage in the
    Contra Costa Times and probably some other S.F. Bay Area papers--coverage
    that may give a sense of how this issue was seen. Possibly the Berkeley Barb
    covered it too (if I did, I have forgotten, though).

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