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    Al-Amin enters not guilty plea

    By Steve Visser
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 1.20.2001

    More than 70 supporters packed a Fulton County
    courtroom Friday to hear Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin
    proclaim his innocence in the killing of a deputy
    sheriff, and a judge set a tight schedule for hearings
    to determine what evidence can be presented against

    Al-Amin, the former 1960s radical known as H. Rap
    Brown, nodded greetings and whispered thanks to his
    followers, many of whom believe he is innocent of
    killing Fulton County Deputy Ricky Kinchen.

    Al-Amin, who has been the imam or prayer leader at the
    West End Community Mosque for 20 years, formally
    entered a not guilty plea. Superior Court Judge
    Stephanie Manis said she would set a trial date in
    October. She expected it would take most of September
    to select the jury in the hotly contested case.

    Also, Chief Deputy Sheriff Claudell Jones resolved a
    religious issue by telling the judge that Al-Amin --
    who has been held in seclusion -- could now join
    Muslim inmates in a weekly religious service. His
    lawyers and Muslims had complained that the jail was
    violating Al-Amin's religious rights.

    The judge lightly chastised prosecutors Thomas
    Robinson and Peggy Katz, the district attorney's death
    penalty specialist, for not responding to the 84
    motions Al-Amin lawyers filed in November.

    "Ms. Katz, there is going to have to be some picking
    up of the pace," Manis said. "We're going to move

    Perhaps the most important issue is Fulton County
    Sheriff Deputy Aldranon English's identification of
    Al-Amin as the man who shot Kinchen when the two
    deputies were trying to arrest Al-Amin on a warrant.

    Defense attorney Jack Martin wants the judge to block
    English from testifying that Al-Amin was the gunman
    because English had insisted the gunman's eyes were
    gray while Al-Amin's are dark brown. Martin says this
    indicates a strong likelihood of misidentification.

    Also, before dying, Kinchen told fellow deputies he
    had shot his assailant. Al-Amin was uninjured when he
    was arrested March 20 in Lowndes County, Ala., where
    Al-Amin organized voter registration drives in the
    early 1960s.



    Al-salaamu alaikum wa rahmat Allah

    A legal defense fund has been established to cover the
    costs associated with what is expected to be a lengthy
    and expensive defense of Imam Jamil Al-Amin.

    The fund is based in the Community Mosque, in Atlanta's
    West End neighborhood, where Imam Jamil has served for
    25 years.

    This fund is the only fund authorized by the legal team
    representing Imam Jamil Al-Amin.

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       Imam Jamil Al-Amin Legal Defense Fund
       547 West End Place, SW
       Atlanta, GA 30310
       (770)521-5386 ImamJamil@hotmail.com
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    Imam Jamil Defense Committee

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