Re: [sixties-l] Baby Boomers Turn 55, Eye Retirement Communities

From: William M. Mandel (
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 23:59:07 EST

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    For what it's worth, I know I'm old at 83, but I do not think or react to
    events any differently than I ever did. Some aches and pains make little
    difference. Seeing a stoop when I look into a mirror sideways isn't what
    I'd like to see, but the world is just as interesting as ever, although a
    lot more discouraging than I had hoped.
                                                                Bill Mandel

    Carrol Cox wrote:

    > radman wrote:
    > > . They insist their lives are only half over and they won't
    > > think of themselves as old for another 20 years.
    > Actually this is about right. Even though my 60s were plagued
    > with clinical depression, it's only in my early '70s that I'm beginning
    > to feel old. Without the depression I would still have felt fairly
    > young in my '60s.
    > Carrol

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