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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 16:25:28 EST

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    For Immediate Release
       January 15, 2001
       For information contact:
       Nadim Suleiman Ali (770) 521-5386

       Supporters Demand Justice For Al-Amin
       Supporters to rally on January 19 at Atlanta's Fulton County Courthouse

       ATLANTA....On Friday, January 19, 2001, at 9:00 AM, Imam Jamil Al-Amin
    (formerly H. Rap Brown) goes before the Fulton County Court (on Pryor Street
    in downtown Atlanta) to address the motions in his case in Judge Mannis'
    courtroom (4-D). At 12:00 noon supporters will rally outside the court house
    to demand justice for Al-Amin - that he be treated fairly and with justice
    both in the courts and in jail.

       The rally is being organized by the International Committee To Support Imam
    Jamil Al-Amin and sponsored by a growing number of organizations listed below
    that have expressed concern about Al-Amin's treatment while in jail and
    questioning his actual arrest. Al-Amin is accused of killing a Fulton County
    Deputy, however, supporters point to numerous discrepancies in his case. For
    example, at the outset and, as reported by the Atlanta Constitution on
    November 11, 2000, Fulton County Deputy Aldranon English described his
    assailant as short, grey-eyed, and wounded by him. So why, it is asked, are
    they holding Al-Amin who is over 6'5", brown-eyed and not wounded?

       The demands being made by the sponsors are, for one, that the gag order
    against Al-Amin be lifted allowing him to finally speak to the public about
    his case. Secondly, that authorities show concern for his religious freedom
    by allowing Al-Amin to pray with others and to attend the Jumu'ah Service. As
    an Imam, Al-Amin is a leader in the Muslim faith. In Islam, praying with the
    collective is an important component of religious observance. At present,
    Al-Amin prays in isolation which is a denial not only for him but for others
    who are denied his leadership as an Imam. Finally, the supporters call for an
    end of the death penalty in the United States - that the United States
    finally join with the rest of the western world by ending this cruel and
    unusual punishment.

       Speakers at the 12:00 noon rally to include Nadim Suleiman Ali of the
    Community Mosque of Atlanta, Imam William Abdur-Raheem of the Atlanta Majlis
    Ash-Shura, John Wexell of the Georgia Committee to End the Death Penalty, Ed
    Brown who is the brother of Al-Amin and representatives of the Millions for
    Mumia and Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.


       Sponsors (partial listing): International Committee To Support Imam Jamil
    Al-Amin, Students for Justice, Students in Alliance with Imam Jamil,
    Community Mosque of Atlanta in the West End, Atlanta Majlis Ash-Shura,
    Atlanta Millions for Mumia, Campaign to End The Death Penalty,
    Intercollegiate Muslim Students Association, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement,
    National Lawyers Guild, NCOBRA - Economic Development Commission, Provisional
    Government of the Republic of New Africa, Refuse & Resist! - Atlanta,
    Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade, Workers World

       International Committee To Support Imam Jamil Al-Amin (770) 215-2152

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