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Date: 01/13/01

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    Subject: The American War: 1960-1975
    I am the publications manager of a small publishing house in London,
    England. We have recently published a book on the Vietnam War called The
    American War: Vietnam 1960-1975. I think it could be of interest to people
    who might subscribe to your discussion group. It deals with the war very
    much from the point of view of the soldiers who fought it and it describes
    opposition to the war within the armed forces.
    Best regards,
    Emma Bircham
    Bookmarks Publications
    An event which radicalized a whole generation and defeated the world's most
    powerful state.
    The American War:
    Vietnam 1960-1975
    Jonathan Neale
    The Vietnamese call it the American War. In America, its called the Vietnam
    This is a short history of that war, from the point of view of the peasants
    and GIs who fought it.
    ^If youre new to the history of the war in Vietnam, this is the place to
    And if you think youve heard it all, then this is the place to start again.
    Jonathan Neale has combined compassion and clarity to produce
    a gripping, hugely informative and deeply moving account. His book
    is a contribution to the struggle to reclaim the truth about this twentieth
    century atrocity from the mythology promoted by our rulers and
    to place that truth at the service of the struggle for the future 
     Mike Marqusee, Author of Muhammed Ali and the Spirit of the Sixties
    ^Jonathan Neale's book is an excellent overview of the Vietnam war,
    unique in its bold class-conscious approach. It is very well-researched and
    valuable for its vivid quotations from participants on both sides of the
     Howard Zinn, Author of A Peoples History of America
    ^Something remarkable and rarea survey of the American War in Vietnam
    that is lively, accessible, idiosyncratic, opinionated and rangy.
    Neale is unabashedly sympathetic to Vietnamese guerillas and American
    including a full chapter on anti-war protest among US soldiers
    and unsparing in his criticisms of ruling parties on all sides.
     Christian G. Appy, Author of Working-Class War: American Combat Soldiers
    and Vietnam
    email: americanwar@bookmarks.uk.com
    tel: 020 7637 1848
    contact: Emma Bircham for more information

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