[sixties-l] Re: students for an undemocratic society

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Date: 01/12/01

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    Is this for real? Neat--good for Radman for posting it. Think I'll share with 
    you a poem (updated version of one published in the mid-70s), for the 
    similarity of tone.
                Ecology 2001
    Round and round the world we go,
    stocking up the status quo;
    riggin' elections old and new,
    when'll we get round to you?
    H-bombs rusting in deep bays
    keep old troubles far away,
    down in that southern darkling world
    where hungry voices kept unheard
    silently cry of global loss--
    Hey! it's W-T-O says who's your boss.
         ECOLOGY is at the core:
         World has less and we want more.
    Tell you what you're gonna do,
    you move when we tell you, bro' -
    politics is not your line
    (Stop tellin' us your life's not fine!)
    Your sufferings come from deep within,
    'tain't our System's done you in!
    'sides, there's nothing you can do;
    It's we Big Folks will do for you.
         ECOLOGY must be policed;
         we get ours and you get  fleeced.
    Then...if our military might
    should lead us to that final fight,
    treaties falling before the Right,
    Earthlife lit by latter light,
    (Cheney a-kneel by a burnin' bush
    in the silent waste of Armegeddon's hush,)
    knelling democracy's way of life
    worth it (for us) though it costs your life--
         yet our ECOLOGY's saved the Earth--  
         No more death, if no more birth.
    Copyright c 2001 Paula Friedman

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