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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 01/11/01

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    From: "Students for an Undemocratic Society"
    Sent: January 10, 2001
    Subject: Join Students for an Undemocratic Society!
    We are the children of the political, military, and business elites of
    America.  We have worked for years to undermine democracy worldwide, and
    seek to celebrate the fact that-with the installation of presidents Cheney
    and Bush-even the pretense of American democracy has at last been cast
    aside.  We march in support of the property-owning, white heterosexual male
    who rules by violence.
    We're artists, actors, and activists using satire to point out the absurd,
    massive injustices inherent in a Bush-Cheney administration, and to question
    how democratic this country ever really was to begin with.  We're especially
    focused on the legalized bribery of the campaign finance system, the
    disenfranchisement of African-American voters in Florida and elsewhere,
    Bush's murderous infatuation with the death penalty and the
    prison-industrial complex, militaristic US foreign policy, the chauvinist
    and homophobic anti-sex policies of the nascent administration, and the
    obscene income gap prevalent in the American economy.  These problems were
    bad under Clinton and they're only going to get worse under Bush. There are
    surely many, many more things to be angry about, but let's face it, if
    you're reading this you probably already know.
    We're going to be dressing up as "banana republic" dictators and marching
    around DC on J20 (example:
    http://www.theonion.com/onion3641/clinton_president_for_life.html), maybe
    antagonizing some real-life right-wingers, and generally doing media and
    street performance stunts to illustrate our point(s).  Here's a quick
    "how-to" rundown for any interested do-it-yourself SUDS (feel free to use,
    abuse, and alter these ideas, or to create and share your own).
    The important thing is that your SUDS affinity group be uniform.  Remember,
    you're fascists!  The NY chapter has decided to wear black and olive drab
    and decorate it with various medals and military-style patches.  As far as
    uniformity goes, we'll all be wearing aviator sunglasses, gold epaulets, and
    matching sashes.  We'll also be wearing black "W" baseball hats.  Kind of
    like Michael Jackson circa 1885.
    The big one is a large picture of Bush with the caption, "OBEY."  Also
    possible are "Kneel Before Bush" and "Kneel Before Cheney;" "Bush for
    Emperor;" "Students for an Undemocratic Society;" "This is What
    Totalitarianism Looks Like;" "All Hail Bush;"  "War is Peace;" "Freedom is
    Slavery;" "Ignorance is Strength."  And so on.  Here's one from the Church
    Ladies for Choice, sure to be a hit with the Christian right: "Jesus Loves
    the White Male Fetus" (apologies to any radical Christians out there).
    "Kneel Before Bush!," in a British accent, like Terence Stamp as General Zod
    in Superman II.
    "This is what the apocalypse looks like!"
    "What do we want?  Nuclear holocaust!  (or prison labor, death camps,
    martial law, the death penalty, sweatshops, free trade, repression,
    subjugation, etc.)  When do we want it?  Now!"
    "More blood for oil!"
    "Brick by brick!  Wall by wall!  We're gonna smash, imprison, and oppress
    you all!"
    "There ain't no power like military power 'cause military power don't stop!"
    Whether you'll be in DC on the 20th or want to hold a rally in your
    hometown, the SUDS concept is fairly easy to put together.  The concept also
    dovetails nicely with the Billionaires for Bush (or Gore), so Billionaire
    and SUDS affinity groups might want to do co-actions.  Also, creating fake
    "coalitions" with real right-wingers at http://www.loudcitizen.com can be
    pretty amusing.  For further resources, visit our website at
    http://freespeech.org/suds_unite (if it's not up yet, give us a few days).
    JOIN THE SUDS LISTSERV!  Be aware that is moderated, to avoid the divulgence
    of secure information or excessive off-topic posts (most of us are already
    on quite a few lists).  To do this, go here:
    Feel free to use, abuse, or alter:
    Mobutu.  Suharto.  Fujimori.
    For decades, the United States has propped up tin-plated despots not only in
    Zaire, Indonesia, and Peru, but all over the world.  Yet we are the largest
    imperial power on earth.  Shouldn't we have a strongman of our very own?
    It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  We all know that America has never
    really been a true democracy.  But in this election, when we bought Dick and
    George to the tune of $191,617,196 (and, just to hedge our bets, Gore for
    $132,624,544); disenfranchised black voters in Florida (and all over the
    country!); and, finally, had a corrupt, nepotistic right-wing Supreme Court
    install our boys, in the tradition of such great decisions as Dred Scott and
    Plessy v. Ferguson: well, we did away with even the pretense of American
    democracy.  And for that we're proud.
    Let's face it-our idiot boy-king and his retainer are in charge now whether
    you like it or not.  And you had better like it if you don't want to end up
    in a Mississippi work camp after the 2003 purges!  Here's a simple guide
    that will help you stop thinking and relinquish control to us, your rightful
    Give up that pesky identity and join us!  It feels good to sublimate your
    individuality to the machine.  Feeling a little "warm in the pants" for
    someone of the same gender, or of a different race?  Or someone you're not
    married to?  Or yourself?  In fact, are you feeling "warm in the pants" at
    all?  Take a cold shower, hoss.  Once Attorney General Ashcroft (soon to be
    "Minister of Death Ashcroft") is sworn in, sex is for procreation only.
    Under penalty of castration!
    Feeling "strange," or "angry?"  Like you might need to "express yourself"
    through artwork, or even worse, by speaking or assembling freely?  Or maybe
    you've got a gripe against your boss, your landlord, your bank?  Well, shut
    up and get back to work.  "What about the first amendment?," you ask.  Shut
    up and get back to work, we say again, more loudly, this time brandishing
    our horsewhip.
    Maybe you were born "different."  Maybe you're strange-looking, or unable to
    walk, or have "non-white" skin.  Well, we property-owning heterosexual white
    Christian males know that's not your fault.  Stay out of trouble, keep your
    head down, and do everything we say, and maybe we'll find a nice job for
    you.  Just like Clarence Thomas!
    We SUDS are proud of the fact that, with 690 prisoners for every 100,000
    people, the US is the world leader in rates of incarceration!  That's a
    six-fold increase since 1970!  One in three black males between the ages of
    20-29 are under some type of correctional control (1 in 15 white and 1 in 8
    Hispanic).  And with Presidents Cheney and Bush in office-George presided
    over a whopping 152 executions in the state of Texas!-it's only going to get
    better (for us.  For you, it's going to get worse).  And with Minister of
    Death Ashcroft, who has praised Confederate slave-holders, is cuddly with
    Bob Jones University, and has called addicts seeking treatment "the lowest
    and the least," we're looking at death-camp, USA!  With our new "Vassalage
    21" initiative, we're hoping to have 87% of the male population behind bars
    by 2004.  Think of the possibilities: no tipping, your waiter's on a
    work-release program!  Your caddy gives you sass?  Give HIM a lethal
    injection!  Since 1995, the US has spent $5.1 Billion in new prison
    construction alone!  That translates into LOTS of cheap labor: future Health
    & Human Services Secretary (soon to be "Minister of Pestilence") Tommy
    Thompson passed a budget as Governor of Wisconsin allowing commercial
    entities to use prison facilities and labor for manufacturing purposes, just
    like they do in California, Tennessee, Kansas, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Nevada,
    and Iowa!  The Correctional Industries Association estimates that in 2000,
    30 percent of America's inmate population labored to create nearly $9
    billion in sales for private business interests like McDonald's,  Kmart, JC
    Penney, Eddie Bauer, Honda, and TWA!  And that lily-livered Clinton may have
    made a whole bunch of offenses now punishable by death, but you ain't seen
    nothin' yet!  Coming soon: sodomy, dissent, and failure to kneel before the
    Presidents-and you're drawn and quartered!
    With all those men locked up, that leaves a heck of a lot of women!  And
    while our "No Sex-No Way" initiative is sure to keep them from reproducing,
    we'll still need to keep them busy.  With the US' continued support of the
    business-friendly, people-hostile World Trade Organization, we'll keep women
    chained to sewing machines from China to Nicaragua-and with Labor Secretary
    (soon to be "Minister of Slavery") Linda Chavez in place, we'll have the
    same thing here!  Once we're done eliminating the last vestiges of the
    welfare state, those women across the country without education,
    opportunity, or stable families will make for great cheap labor-and once
    Minister Chavez gets her hands the minimum wage and the Occupational Safety
    and Health Act, we'll have the people where we want them-in labor camps!
    For years, we've been hearing overpaid eggheads talk nonsense about
    "ecosystems" and the "animal kingdom."  Well, if they were so smart, they'd
    be working for the Pentagon, wouldn't they?  Sure, it would be nice if we
    could all have lush, tree-lined estates.  But you can't.  So shut up and get
    back to work.  Under our new Secretary of the Interior ("Minister of
    Pavement") Gale Norton, you can kiss Mother Nature goodbye!  As Attorney
    General of Colorado, she presided over that state's worst environmental
    disaster ever: a spill of cyanide and acidic water from a the Summitville
    Consolidated Mining Corporation that killed virtually every living thing in
    a 17-mile stretch of the Alamosa River!  Then she had taxpayers foot a
    cleanup bill of $150 million!  It may take decades before clean water runs
    year-round through the Alamosa, but Minister Norton didn't even try to press
    criminal charges!  Because she believes in allowing the mining, timber and
    oil industries to police themselves.  That's right: harsh state repression
    on individuals, but none on businesses.  Always remember: people aren't
    people.  Corporations are people.
    People say that we're "sexist."  Oh, how little they know, those
    empty-headed females!  In fact, we support 100% this statement from the
    feminist icon Simone de Beauvior: "There are two kinds of people: human
    beings and women."  And we fully support a woman's right to choose not to
    have sex (except in cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother).
    Just kidding.  They're probably too tough anyway.  But we sure will bury
    them!  Here is our three-point solution for dealing with poverty:
    Child hunger: according to the United Nations, an estimated 22.4 percent of
    American children live below the poverty line.  And almost half of them
    (about 10 million families) didn't have enough to eat this year.  "Wait,"
    you say, "there's plenty of food to go around!"  Well, first of all, shut up
    and get back to work.  Second of all, feeding hungry children just isn't in
    the best interests of agribusiness.  And third of all, screw them!
    Suffering breeds character!  As a solution for this problem, we've taken a
    page from a fellow named Malthus: let's "thin the herd!"
    Child immunization: We opt for the "free-market" solution!  FINAL solution,
    that is!  The US Center for Disease Control estimates that only 37 to 56
    percent of American two-year-olds are immunized.  In some inner cities the
    rate is as low as 10 percent.  Calcutta, Lagos, and Mexico City all have
    higher child immunization rates than Washington, DC, New York, or even the
    U.S. as a whole.  We say: even 10 percent is too much!  By 2004, we hope to
    have an immunization rate of one percent (our children)!  Death is good for
    the soul!
    Homelessness:  We've got homes lined up and waiting for them: the homes that
    you "politically correct" types like to call "correctional facilities!"
    We won't lift a finger to help anybody, but we'll go out of our way to kill
    them!  You know why?  Because we're evil, stupid!  Now shut up and get back
    to work.  According to the Center for Defense Information, the $305 billion
    U.S. military budget request for 2001 is more than five times larger than
    that of Russia, the second largest spender!  It's more than twenty-two times
    as large as the combined spending of the seven "rogue states" (Cuba, Iran,
    Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria)!  It's more than the combined
    spending of the next twelve nations!   And as soon as we get going throwing
    money at that "Star Wars" missile defense system that's politically popular
    because it makes people less anxious about nuclear war but doesn't actually
    work, we're going to roll out our newest, state-of-the-art
    defense/entertainment programs:
    "Aliens:" makes bug-like homunculi pop out of Fidel Castro's stomach!
    "Battlefield Earth:" life-size lead John Travolta statues are dropped on
    Sudanese children's hospitals!
    "Night of the Living Dead:" those Republican rent-a-mob protestors from
    Florida are sent to North Korea with Wayne Newton and a football-sized
    tactical nuclear bomb!
    Will these programs work?  Who cares?  They'll make us lots of money and
    we'll get to blow stuff up and kill people!
    Union members?  People of color?  Feminists?  Homosexuals?
    Environmentalists?  Radicals?

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