[sixties-l] The Reverend Is In

From: Bob Rowell (bobro@voicenet.com)
Date: 01/10/01

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    My web broadcast show on Radio Volta - The Reverend Is In - shall begin next Sunday night, January 14, from 9 to 11pm. 
    The first theme will be Stop Racism, in honor of King's birthday and dedicated to the memory of Flo Kennedy, who passed away last December. 
    There will be music, commentary, newsbits, humor, and information on the efforts to obtain a pardon for Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier. 
    To access the show, click on www.radiovolta.org
    There are instructions on how to download appropriate audio if you need it. 
    Future themes: The Bush Crime Family; Why Stern Is A Loser And Unoriginal; The Reagan Anti-Tribute; Hemp Night; Abortion Rights/ Birth Control; 60s music specials; early punk/ hardcore music specials; Sexual Freedom; Lifestyles of the Horny Religious Right Leaders and Family-Values Congresspeople; In Touch With Your Lower Power; Needle Exchange; Police; Love Night (the Sunday before Valentine's Day); Work/ Corporate Welfare; Prisons; A Salute To ACT UP; Alternative Lifestyles.
    There will also be profiles of significant people including: Bill Baird; Emma Goldman; Abbie Hoffman; Timothy Leary; Phil Ochs; Michael Moore; and Leonard Peltier.
    There is telephone and email contact information on the webpage so that folks can communicate during the show. This is going to be a source of tremendous fun, humor, information, and skewering worthy targets. Hope you can tune in and give feedback. 
    Reverend Bookburn
    Church of the Ascending Profit
    and we DO mean profit

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