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Date: 01/10/01

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    Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 09:34:34 -0800
    From: Nancy <rednurse@ricochet.net>
    Subject: Veterans Speak Out Against the Iraq Sanctions
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-CONTACT MARTY KUNZ @ (206) 374-2215, vvawai@oz.net
    Veterans Speak Out Against the Iraq Sanctions
    10 years of War-Blood for Oil-USS New World Order-When will it End?
    Several Nationally Renown Anti-War Veterans Available for Interviews-1/16/01
    Every month in Iraq 5000 children die from the U.S./UN sanctions.
    They die from easily solved ills such as malnutrition, lack of
    medicine and contaminated water. As several countries including
    Russia, France, Syria, Switzerland, Italy, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi
    Arabia, and China criticize and some begin to openly defy these
    illegal sanctions, the U.S. is threatening to tighten the noose. Even
    before inauguration Bush and Powell promised swift and decisive
    action in the Gulf pledging "the new administration will work to
    're-energize' the sanctions imposed against Iraq a decade ago and
    will not succumb to growing pressure from allies to lift the embargo^"
    We are here to shed light on the war crimes committed with the aim of
    halting future crimes against the people of Iraq.
    *Ellen E. Barfield, (410) 243-5876
    U.S. Army 1977-81, Veterans for Peace & Voices in the Wilderness. Has
    been on 3 delegations to Iraq.
    Anton Black, (770) 281-3119 message phone, atlvvawai@hotmail.com
    U.S. Navy 1977-84
    *Fredy Champagne, (707) 923-3658, fchampagne@humboldt.net
    U.S. Army Vietnam '65-'66, A Co/2nd Br/2nd Rgt/1st Inf Div., Vets for
    Peace, Chapter 022, VVAW AI, Co-Chair, VFP Iraq Water Project. Just
    back from Iraq.
    Frank Dorrel, (310) 838-8131, fdorrel@hotmail.com
    Veterans for Peace, Save the Iraqi Children Coalition.
    *John Hoff, hoffmanj@infi.net
    Gulf War Era vet, U.S. Army Medical Regiment, WBAMC, Ft. Bliss TX,
    1990-1994, 91-F.
    *Marty Kunz, (206) 374-2215, vvawai@oz.net
    U.S. Navy 1970-76, VVAW AI-HQ
    *Stan Nishimura, (203) 498-8185
    U.S. Army 1964-67 Germany, VVAW AI New Haven, CT
    *Jeff Paterson, (877) 242-0146
    1st Gulf War GI resister
    *Barry Riesch (651) 641-1087, BRiesch@ci.minnetonka.mn.us
    U.S. Army, Vietnam 1969-70, 199th Lt. Infantry, 82nd Airborne,
    Veterans for Peace.
    Recently back from a trip to Iraq working to fix destroyed clean
    water sources. (VFP- Iraq Water Project)
    *Steve M. Slaby, (609) 924-4727, STEVEM.SLABY@AOL.COM
    U.S. Army Airforce 1944-45, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University
    *Sonny Williams, (513) 241-8014, chu-lai@juno.com
    Vietnam 1967-68, Germany 1969-70, VVAW AI
    *Howard Zinn, (203) 498-8185, hzinn@bu.edu
    8th Air Force, Bombadier, WWII. Writer of "People's History of the
    United States."
    * These are a few of the hundreds of veterans who have signed a call
    to end the Iraq sanctions.
    As veterans of U.S. military interventions, wars and occupations, we
    have something to say about war. What we have learned, we have
    learned the hard way, as instruments of war. Our shared experiences
    cause us to hold strong opinions about war - from avowed pacifism, to
    "only for self-defense," to nationalism, even to the need for
    revolutionary change. It also unites us under the common pledge of
    "Never Again!"
    * We denounce sanctions against the people of Iraq as immoral and
    illegitimate. We call for an immediate end to the ongoing sanctions
    war against the people of Iraq.
    * We vow our support for all those threatened or prosecuted for
    violating the sanctions and opposing intervention.
    * We will oppose all US interventions, overt or covert, in the
    sovereign affairs of other nations.
    Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist
    PO Box 21604
    Seattle, WA 98111-3604
    ph/fax: 206.374.2215

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