[sixties-l] N.J. fugitive dropped from FBI list

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 01/08/01

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    N.J. fugitive dropped from FBI list
    Thursday, December 28, 2000
    Staff Writer
    A New Jersey man who has been on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List for more 
    than a decade was removed from its rolls Wednesday after authorities said 
    they were no longer receiving tips or leads on his whereabouts.
    Arthur Lee Washington Jr., a member of the militant Black Liberation Army, 
    has been a fugitive since a 1989 traffic stop in a New Jersey shore town 
    where authorities say he tried to kill a state trooper by opening fire with 
    a .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol.
    The decision marks the fifth time in the 50-year history of the 
    high-profile most-wanted rolls that the FBI has removed a fugitive for 
    reasons other than capture, verified death, or charges being dropped.
    In the four previous cases, it found that the fugitives were no longer 
    menaces to society. Because the bureau has "no indication" that Washington 
    has done anything criminal since the Monmouth County traffic stop 11 years 
    ago, he "may not pose a dangerous threat to the American public," the FBI said.
    Law enforcement officials in New Jersey believe Washington is dead. They 
    cite intelligence reports suggesting that he succumbed to serious health 
    problems associated with the AIDS virus.
    "His presence on the list is no longer generating leads," said Michelle 
    L.  Walensky, a spokeswoman for FBI's fugitive section in Washington. "It 
    is therefore felt that the space on the list can be more efficiently used 
    by spotlighting another case that is more recent."
    The man replacing Washington on the list, Eric Franklin Rosser, disappeared 
    shortly after his arrest in February in Thailand at a music school he ran 
    for children in Bangkok, officials said. Rosser, 47, has been charged with 
    producing and shipping videotapes of an 11-year-old girl engaging in a sex 
    act with him, officials said.
    Officials emphasized that Washington's removal from the list, on which the 
    FBI highlights criminals whose capture ranks as a bureau priority, does not 
    mean that he is no longer wanted.
    "We're going to keep looking for him," Walensky said. "He's still a wanted 
    fugitive, and all available resources are being utilized in order to 
    apprehend him."
    A New Jersey State Police spokesman said last week that the agency plans to 
    keep Washingon on its own "Top 12 Most Wanted" list until he is captured or 
    his death is confirmed.
    Washington was a passenger in a car stopped in Neptune by Trooper Michael 
    J. Clayton in April 1989 because its vehicle inspection sticker had 
    expired, officials said. Washington got out of the car and allegedly opened 
    fire on the trooper. No one was injured, and Washington fled, they said.
    Authorities say Washington was a member of the BLA, a sometimes violent 
    offshoot of the Black Panther Party.
    Authorities declined to say precisely where they believe Washington went, 
    and they would not say when was the last time he was reported seen.
    "Because we are actively looking for him, we cannot provide any further 
    details," said FBI Special Agent Sandra Carroll, a spokeswoman for the 
    agency's Newark field office.
    Staff Writer Mitchel Maddux's e-mail address is maddux@northjersey.com

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