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Date: 01/07/01

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    Subject: Review of new 60's novel?
    Advance notice of a new book
    by James Fadiman
    A new novel from someone who lived that reality.
    Jim's connection to the 60's ranges from co-founding a commune in New
    Mexico to being there, on the grass, at the Great Human Be-in to being a
    legal psychedelic researcher. This book rekindles memories for those who
    remember, and were "there" in body and/or Spirit, while it sparks
    curiosity and new interest for those who were not.
    We recently visited your website,
    http://lists.village.virginia.edu/sixties/, and want to let you know
    about a Jim Fadiman's novel set in Haight-Ashbury in the 60's. We're
    checking to see if you'd be interested in reading an advance copy  of
    the book before it is released to bookstores (January 2001) and then
    posting a review of it on your site. Also, we will soon launch a website
    for Jim's book, and thought you might be interested in reciprocal
    linking (he plans on having a page of 60's links).
    "THE OTHER SIDE of HAIGHT," by James Fadiman, tells the story of a group
    of young people sharing a house in Haight-Ashbury in the 60's, both
    embodying and creating the spirit of their place and time. As the story
    unfolds, they are compelled to strike out at the forces  which are
    corrupting their values and a way of life they hold dear.
    For more information about James Fadiman, see below.
    For a longer description of the novel,  or to make arrangements to
    review the novel, send an e-mail to Eve Eisenberg at
    James Fadiman began his long, distinguished as both a researcher into
    the nature of consciousness and as a teacher. He co-led Esalen
    Institute's first seminar in Big Sur, and co-founded both the
    Association for Transpersonal Psychology and the institute for
    Transpersonal Psychology.  He was also the director of the
    Institute for Noetic Sciences. He has published a number of short
    stories and more than a hundred articles on subjects ranging from
    little-known pychedelics which grow in the wild to Romantic Love.
    Has written and/or edited nine non-fiction books, including Exploring
    Madness, Sufism, Health for the Whole Person, Personality and Personal
    Growth (a text book now in its fifth edition) and Unlimit Your Life.
    Translations of his books are now available in many languages including
    French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

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