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Date: 01/05/01

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    << Walt Rostow gets a number of pages in Gregory Mitrovich' UNDERMINING THE 
    America's Strategy to Subvert the Soviet Bloc, Cornell University Press, 2000,
    accurately described in the cover blurb thus: "containment was only the first 
    in a clandestine campaign to destroy Soviet power. Drawing on recently 
    U.S. documents, Mitrovich reveals a range of previously unknown covert actions
    launched during the Truman and Eisenhower administrations. Through the 
    use of psychological warfare, officials sought to provoke political crisis 
    among key
    Soviet leaders, to incite nationalist tensions within the USSR, and to foment 
    across Eastern Europe, Mitrovich demosntrates that inspiration for these 
    efforts did
    not originate within the intelligence community, but with individuals at the 
    levels of policymaking in the U.S. government."
        Rostow was at the heart of all this.
        Mitrovich is all the more convincing to non-Lefts because he employs Cold 
    language throughout: "the Soviet threat," etc.
    Mandel >>
    Bill don't you think this started with the western intervention in Russian 
    Civil War. Financing, supply and arming the Whites against the Reds. Also 
    early stuff with Churchill and Brit Intelligence networks in Russia?--Stew

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