[sixties-l] The Black Panther Party [Reconsidered]

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 01/07/01

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    Project South Washington Book Forum
    Teaching & Organizing for Justice
    Featuring scholars discussing their books &
    community, student & youth dialogue
    Date:              Mon., Feb. 5, 2001
    Time: 	          5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
    Location:        American University
    	         4400 Massachusetts Ave. at Ward Circle, NW
    	         (directions below)
    	         School of International Service, 1st floor Lounge
    Event:            The Black Panther Party [Reconsidered]
                          With Charles E. Jones Assoc. Professor,
    	         Georgia State U. & editor & contributor
    	         W. Paul Coates Publisher, Black Classic Press &
    	         Former Defense Captain, Maryland Black Panther Party
    	         Clarence Lusane Assist. Professor,
    	         American University & contributor
    "More than three decades after its founding, the Black Panther
    Party remains the center of much discussion and debate. Despite
    a recent resurgence of interest in the Party, misconceptions about
    the organization persist largely unchallenged.  This new interest
      provides an important opportunity to dispel myths and to examine
      the organization's hotly debated history, progressive politics,
    intriguing inner workings, and enduring legacy.   The Black Panther
    Party Reconsidered begins this important process with a critical
    and balanced study of the Party's activities and politics. ^"
    (from the book cover)
    Sponsors: Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty & Genocide
    * American University Department of Sociology & Office of Multicultural
    Affairs * Committee of Indigenous Solidarity - CIS St. Stephen's
    Community Center * STICS  Stand Tall in Community Struggle
    Directions to American University
    4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW (at Nebraska Ave.-Ward Circle)
    School of International Service-SIS, 1st floor Lounge
    By Metro: Take the Red line to Tenleytown-AU Metro Station
    (Wisconsin Ave, NW). Take the American University Shuttle to the
    American University Main Campus.
    By Car: Take Massachusetts Ave. or Nebraska Ave. to Ward Circle.
    Go around the circle west for 1 block, go left on New Mexico Ave., and
    enter the parking lot on your left. You can also park on the street if
    space is available.
    School of International Service  SIS: Located on the north side of
    Nebraska Ave., 3rd building west of Ward Circle and directly across
    from the parking lot. Enter the SIS building from the Quad side. The
    book forum will take place in the Lounge on the 1st floor. See you there.
    Lost? Call 301.367.1079!
    For information contact Project South Washington Office * 202.332.5333
    301.320.4034 Emails: projectsouthdc@earthlink.net or
    wkatzfishman@igc.org or teecwww1@aol.com

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