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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 01/05/01

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    THE FINAL ISSUE of the Realist, grandfather of the underground press in
    America, is out. Forty-two years have intervened since its first issue. The
    difference between editor Paul Krassner and more sanctioned alternatives to
    the corporate media is that when the Nation had its 135th anniversary at the
    posh University Club in New York, Krassner went in jeans, a red Bread &
    Roses T-shirt and a tuxedo jacket - and was told that he didn't meet the
    dress code. Krassner replied that he was part of the entertainment and he
    was wearing his costume. He was dispatched through the employee's entrance.
    A couple of FBI agents went to one of his shows and reported to their
    leaders,  "he purported to be humorous about government policies." After
    Life magazine published a favorable profile of him, the FBI wrote the
    editor, complaining: "To classify Krassner as a social rebel is far too
    cute. Hes a nut, a raving, unconfined nut."
    Krassner influenced scores of us on the outskirts of journalism by his
    guerrilla war against what he called in the last issue "trickle-down
    fascism." Krassner came out of that era that the present one is attempting
    to emulate: the 1950s. Unlike today, however, the 1950s were already busy
    getting ready for the next decade - with the help of beats, existentialism,
    Mad Magazine, Lenny Bruce, and modern jazz.
    Today, the spirit of non-compliance is weak, save for the overtly political
    and a few refuges such as the punk movement. That's not good, for change
    can't occur without incubation and that requires autonomous zones of
    contempt, culture, literature and laughter. Krassner provided a crash pad
    for the dispossessed.
    In his last issue, Krassner, typically, interviews himself. One question:
    "What exactly is your own spiritual path?" He replied in part:
    "Marveling at the process of coincidence. Playing with my ego instead of
    trying to get rid of it. Developing an intimate relationship with the deity
    I don't believe in . . . I believe that existence has no meaning, and I love
    every minute of it. The only thing to do is enjoy the mystery. I mean, if
    life is not a mystery, what the fuck is it?"
    [Krassner's latest book "Psychedelic Trips for the Soul" is due out this month]
    Jan 5, 2001
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