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Date: 01/05/01

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    Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 16:19:14 EST
    From: MJCarley@aol.com
    To: VFPUN@aol.com
    Subject: Welcome to Veterans for Peace, Inc.'s United Nations NGO network
    Dear Veterans for Peace, Inc. (VFP) member, former member, or friend of
    Veterans for Peace:
    In an effort to upgrade our capacity to provide you with information
    regarding our activities, our United Nations NGO Representative office is
    pleased to provide you with this group email wherein you will receive a
    (roughly) quarterly newsletter, as well as periodic updates and reports where
    The newsletter (in the future) will come to you as an attachment in Acrobat
    pdf format. If you have trouble with this, please email me and I will get you
    on a special list to receive Microsoft Word files. For the current (and free)
    version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it at:
    Periodic news, statements, and updates, will almost always come as regular
    email text.
    If you wish not to receive these reports, please hit the "reply" button and
    type, "unsubscribe" in the Subject field. Otherwise, do nothing and you will
    continue to be a part of our network.
    Currently, Veterans for Peace's UN operations revolve around Iraq sanctions,
    the Balkans, and issues surrounding nuclear proliferation. Our biggest
    project in years, The Iraq Water Project* is in full swing and has so far
    been hugely successful.
    If you wish to receive back issues (there are 3) of the newsletter, please
    hit the "reply" button and simply type "back issues" into the Subject field.
    They will be promptly sent.
    For other noteworthy VFP causes such as conflict resolution, closing the
    School of the Americas, stopping the bombing on the Puerto Rican island of
    Vieques, educating the public about Star Wars, or about our everyday attempts
    to thwart the misinformation used in both recruitment and PR by the US
    military (among others), please either contact the national office of VFP at
    "vfp@igc.org", or just ask me to connect you with the right people and I'll
    be happy to oblige.
    Looking forward to this opportunity to both reconnect with old friends, and
    to branch out and make new ones, I am
    Sincerely yours,
    Michael John Carley
    United Nations NGO Representative
    Veterans for Peace, Inc.
    *The Iraq Water Project is an endeavor where we have adopted several Iraqi
    water-treatment facilities in one of the highest-need areas southeast of
    Basra, that have been rendered inoperable due either to sanctions or
    continued bombing. VFP has raised the funds to repair them, and in an effort
    to galvanize public awareness as to the devastating effects of sanctions, we
    have sent teams of former US servicepeople into Iraq to work on repairing the
    plants^^Hopefully correct in the assumption that this is a noteworthy enough
    event to warrant extensive coverage in the media.
    APPENDIX-Who are Veterans for Peace, Inc.?
    Veterans for Peace, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational and
    humanitarian organization dedicated to the abolishment of war. VFP was
    founded in 1985 by ex-servicepeople committed to sharing the horrors they
    experienced. Our membership (which at the time of the Gulf War numbered
    3,400) is comprised of veterans from all wars spanning from The Spanish Civil
    War to the Gulf War. These members are distributed amongst  86 nationwide
    chapters, and dozens of international affiliations.
    Our international activities include working with our affiliations in El
    Salvador, Russia, Canada, Japan, Guatemala, Viet Nam, the Netherlands,
    Chiapas (Mexico), France, England, Cuba, Nicaragua, Vieques (Puerto Rico) and
    numerous others. A member of the Nobel-Peace Prize-winning Coalition to Ban
    the Sale and Use of Landmines, VFP has been undertaking arduous tasks since
    its inception. From bringing medical aid to Central American nations, to
    evacuating wounded children from war-torn Bosnian hospitals and securing
    their medical treatment elsewhere around the globe, or just sitting down with
    American high school kids so that they may make choices for themselves based
    on reality, and not myth. We remain firmly committed to the abolition of war.
    We know the consequences of American foreign policy because once, at a time
    in our lives, so many of us carried it out. We find it sad that war seems so
    delightful, so often, to those that have no knowledge of it. We will proudly,
    and patriotically, continue to denounce war despite whatever misguided sense
    of euphoria supports it.

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