[sixties-l] Re:Coup and Protests -- smiling vs non

From: Jeffrey Blankfort (jab@tucradio.org)
Date: 01/03/01

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    I am in complete agreement with Tom Nagy.  The oft-cited reference to
    the frog being boiled in the pot applies here. Had Gore been elected and
    simply continued steadily in the direction that the Clinton team had
    been going, the feeling of complacency and alienation that exists in the
    land, into which the various demonstrations have made  hardly a dent,
    would have continued, and the frog in the pot--that's most of us--would
    merely explain the rising heat beneath our feet as an example of global
    Now, a lot of folks are angry, and for good reasons, and the
    possibilities of people being mobilized beyond our relati.vely small
    numbers has increased dramatically. We just have to see that the
    opportunistic party-builders don't try and take control of whatever
    movement develops and thereby insure its failure.
    Jeff Blankfort
    Tom Nagy wrote:
     I propose the heretical thought that rotten as Bush's nominations are,
    they are not
    > meaningfully different from Clinton's cabinet. How can the evil General P. be worse than
    > the current Hitler-in-drag, Albright,  that he will replace? Let's recall Albright's
    > "good Nazi" defense for stalling the tiny assistance needed to prevent the genocide of
    > 880,000 Rwandans.  Albright  told Cokie Roberts that she was "following orders" which
    > she disagreed with.  Check the record.  Cookie had asked about condemnation of Albright
    > by one of the author's of the definitive report on the genocide, Ambassador Lewis of
    > Canada.  Of course there's the ongoing steady-state genocide against the people of
    > Iraq... and the defense of Israel's use of  U.S. supplied rockets and artillery and
    > tanks against dominently rock-throwing protesters who refuse to be the world's last
    > victims of official apartheid.
    >     How can Ashforth be worse than the lovable current attorney general who signed off
    > on the plan dooming the kids in Waco to death by flames?
    >     How can Tommy Thompson be worse than the current Sec. of HHS, who pushed welfare
    > "reform" which condemned the poor to even worst circumstances.
    >     The only difference I can see is that the current batch of servants of the rich will
    > carry out their tasks with smiles rather than with the fake regret shown by the current
    > set of lackeys.
    >     We  must work harder and smarter to convince more people of the needed for
    > fundamental change.
    > Tom
    > Ted Morgan wrote:
    > > Re. the horrible cabinet appointments: looking at it positively, at least it gives
    > > the lie to the false symbolism of having a "diverse" cabinet --whichever party is in
    > > power!  Maybe we can now ease some of the loyal Dem. progressives away from their
    > > embrace on such grounds.   [Anyone out there really holding your breath waiting for
    > > the Dems. to turn down an appointment or two?]
    > >
    > > Ted Morgan
    > >
    > > "William M. Mandel" wrote:
    > >
    > > >     At this moment the job versus Bush is not a quixotic denying him the
    > > > legitimacy of his rule, but of forcing him to confront a real situation: do his
    > > > horrible cabinet nominations, particularly in the domestic sphere, get confirmed
    > > > or not?

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