Re: [sixties-l] Re: Vietnam War or views of enemies

From: Tom Nagy, Ph.D. (
Date: 01/03/01

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    Some of the classics in demonization that come to mind are from the National
    Geographic and the infamous State Dept. White Paper on why we are fighting in
    Vietnam and John Wayne in "The Green Barets".  Another classic was good old Walt
    Whitman Rostow, who in response to my question of why I should murder
    Vietnamese, said that the Russians and the U.S. had divided up the world and
    that Vietnam belonged to our sphere of influence.
    I asked Walt how this was different from gangsters dividing territory, but he
    did not reply.
    Tom wrote:
    > This may be esoteric, but in the early/mid 1970s Gregory Bergman, in
    > Berkeley, wrote several essays on views of the (Communist) and, earlier,
    > (Catholic) "enemy" by many American/s/groups.  These appeared in the
    > nationwide magazine Christian Century and a Franciscan magazine based in the
    > SF Bay Area (I forget the name), I believe.  They give some good general
    > concepts, with many examples, of the use of language for dehumanization.
    > Paula

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