Re: [sixties-l] Bedtime for Democracy

Date: 01/02/01

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    << Your last sentence says you're dreaming. >>
    Bill - I'm a bit confused - we seem to be saying the same thing. I have no 
    faith that the Dems will be any good because the Dems are any good. I'm 
    hoping that the Dems will realize their self interest in all this and maybe 
    do something good - for the reasons you give and for the reasons I give. You 
    know Democrats are looking to the Clintons to be their standard barers. A 
    right wing Justice Department will continue to legally assault the Clinton's 
    so there is some crude self interest at stake for the Dems.
       Ah, I never thought you would be calling for a bit of Yippie anarchy, 
    indeed lecturing me on it, but irony is the spice of radical life. The 
    problem with Yippie is how do you satarize George W? Saturday Night Live does 
    it but their portrait seems more real than surreal - Bush satarizes himself - 
    it is as if Abbie's ghost follows him everywhere. But as one of the last of 
    the original Yippie tribe I will entertain suggestions. The last time -1968- 
    we ran a barnyard pig for President (Pigassus) and then went to DC to screw 
    up Nixon's "Inhoguration." So any ideas for Yippie 2001?

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