Re: [sixties-l] Bedtime for Democracy

From: William M. Mandel (
Date: 12/30/00

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    Attaboy, Stew! On one thing, you're a little premature. With Bush' cabinet
    nominees, the reductions in social programs thus far will look like mere blips.
    The job immediately is to get our friends who damned Nader and Nader voters to
    show we were wrong by getting their Democrats in office to deny confirmation to
    those cabinet appointees, and to keep doing so until he has a cabinet we can live
    with. The votes to accomplish this are there. The only question is whether the
    Democrats will use them.
                                                                        Bill Mandel wrote:
    > JW
    > I really don't know what world you're living in.
    >  In my world almost all the nations that called themselves socialist no
    > longer do so- and those that still do are probably headed for capitalism. In
    > my world all the labor and social-democratic parties that once advocated a
    > moderate version of socialism no longer do (they all favor the free market.)
    > And in almost every country that once boasted of a welfare state - that
    > welfare state is in a state of retreat and collapse. In our own country there
    > has been a major reduction in social programs and the military is now seen as
    > the government way of dealing with social problems - let the poor become
    > soldiers. Anyway JW - that's the world I live in - now tell me about your
    > world which I gather is much the better one.
    > Stew

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