Re: [sixties-l] Bedtime for Democracy

From: Ted Morgan (
Date: 12/30/00

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    Welcome back folks & Happy New Year --may it be one of progressive and
    movement-building breakthroughs!
    I'm not sure Bill meant this to sound quite as defeatist as I read it...
    >William M. Mandel" wrote: "... at this point, New Deal or social-democratic
    capitalism is the >most progressive thing available, and the job is to hang on
    to it to the degree that it exists, >and to muddle through until future
    generations work out something better...."
    but my take is to do quite a bit more than "hang on" to what we have (sounds
    like an unintended Gitlinesque justification for supporting Al Gore); in fact
    to work on the project of "working out something better."  Movement building,
    as I'm sure Bill would agree, has to continue, and it ought I think to lay the
    groundwork for a radical consciousness about global capital and the injuries
    it inflicts.
    Ted Morgan

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