Re: [sixties-l] Wake-up call vs. Bedtime for Democracy

Date: 12/21/00

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    << As for practicalities, that first
    means that the scope of the potential progressive coalition is far broader 
    what Stew suggests when he speaks of labor, blacks, and women.  How about the
    environmentally-concerned majority?   >>
    I did not say that Blacks,women and labor were the whole of the progressive 
    coalition. My point was that this particular coalition exists within the 
    Democratic Party and I want it to become more powerfull within the Democratic 
    Party. Of course labor and environmentalists have also formed coalitions and 
    of course - the greens and pinks should come together. I believe the 
    Naderites should come back to the Democratic Party because that is where they 
    can exercise the most constructive power. By all means let the pro-democracy 
    movement be as strong and united as possible.--Stew

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