Re: [sixties-l] Bedtime for Democracy

Date: 12/21/00

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    I really don't know what world you're living in.
     In my world almost all the nations that called themselves socialist no 
    longer do so- and those that still do are probably headed for capitalism. In 
    my world all the labor and social-democratic parties that once advocated a 
    moderate version of socialism no longer do (they all favor the free market.) 
    And in almost every country that once boasted of a welfare state - that 
    welfare state is in a state of retreat and collapse. In our own country there 
    has been a major reduction in social programs and the military is now seen as 
    the government way of dealing with social problems - let the poor become 
    soldiers. Anyway JW - that's the world I live in - now tell me about your 
    world which I gather is much the better one.

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