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From: William M. Mandel (
Date: 12/23/00

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     Marx and Engels, in the Communist Manifesto, did a brilliant job of
    demonstrating that all socialisms but their's were Utopias. History has
    demonstrated that their's is too, so socialism has suffered a worldwide
    defeat. History will not end, but at this point, New Deal or
    social-democratic capitalism is the most progressive thing available, and
    the job is to hang on to it to the degree that it exists, and to muddle
    through until future generations work out something better. It won't be
    invented on anyone's computer. That IS Utopianism, and elitist. I prefer
    realism and democracy.
                                                Bill Mandel
    Jerry West wrote:
    > wrote:
    > The worldwide defeat of socialism....
    > JW reply:
    > Say what?  What is your definition of socialism?  Even though we may be
    > currently in a period of regression, I would say that socialist
    > principles have made quite an inroad into our governing structures since
    > the beginning of the New Deal.  Granted, it may not be as much as some
    > want but still, the fear of socialists gaining power has pushed
    > governing parties into implementing programs with socialist elements in
    > order to lessen public support for the opposition.  Probably more so
    > here in Canada than in the US.
    > Socialism may not be victorious, but it is far from being defeated or
    > dead.  Even if he whose name is procscribed from this list wishes that
    > it were.
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