[sixties-l] Re: coups fascism democracy

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 12/21/00

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    Bill Mandel has expressed something that had been vaguely troubling me since 
    sometime during the "s/election" [not the greatest term here]--the possible 
    vulnerability to fascism that has been opened by this installation of a 
    non-elected ruler (really, the image of pre-Caesarean/imperial Rome has been 
    popping up lately re this).   --In some sense, there is a vacuum 
    situation--the lack of a "legitimate" executive--and, as Stew has so well 
    said, the collapse of socialist states has meant the left is very weak to 
    deal with this.  Still, there have been Seattle and, to lesser degree, the 
    convention protests, etc.; there has been some s/election protest organizing 
    on the net--hopefully there'll be more.  But I think Bill has answered the 
    too calming "there's time" response someone made to my urging of 
    demonstrations.  No, it's not clear how much time there's--not if an extreme 
    right, quite possibly fascist, moves into that waiting space.     Let us hope 
    the greens (not nec'ly "Greens"), and students, and labor, the many groups of 
    the anti-WTO, etc.--can hold, for instance, a "day of mourning for 
    democracy", can run petitions "We cannot acknowledge a government not elected 
    by the people..." etc. in major media [I'm not usually a petitions fan, but 
    there are times), can build, as is now needed, in this moment from the left?

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