Re: [sixties-l] coup = forcible overthrow

From: Jesse Lemisch (
Date: 12/21/00

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    Trying to advance this discussion, I looked up coup d'etat in my Webster's
    New World Dictionary, 4th ed., 2000:
    "the sudden FORCIBLE [emphasis added] overthrow of a ruler, government,
    etc., sometimes with violence, by a small group of people already having
    some political or military authority."
    I suspect that there are people here who will want to argue that, damn it,
    it was forcible. I'll leave you to look up "forcible." Once again, if we are
    to figure out how to fight against these things, we can't be taken in by our
    own hyperbole. The left is in trouble if it can't tell the truth.
    Jesse Lemisch

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