Re: [sixties-l] Window after the coup

Date: 12/18/00

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    << Before the clarity is lost--while the non-legitimacy of the 
    soon-to-be-crowned administration (and much else in the structure) is 
    recognized--is the moment for demonstrations, perhaps.  What do you think? >>
    Yes, demonstrations certainly. I think the problem is that so many people 
    have vested interests in "stability "  and the system. I have a friend who is 
    a union official and he certainly knows what happened and why - but when I 
    asked him how labor will handle the coup he replied - "we will be militant 
    but Bush controls the Department of Labor so we will have to deal with him. 
    So many groups are going to feel that need "to deal with him." But from what 
    I can see Blacks are the group with the least to lose in not dealing with him 
    - so I'm look for leadership from those quarters. also I hope that those who 
    have been demonstrating against global corporatism will recognize the way 
    these elections ended is a defeat for democracy and for expanding the notion 
    of democracy to include democratic control over global capitalism. But Paula 
    its early, and much history is yet to be writen.--Stew

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