[sixties-l] Window after the coup

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 12/17/00

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    (Sorry, Stew, guess I read your post too carelessly. In fact, I don't think 
    people in France expected such a bloodletting, either--again, because of 
    Chile's democratic traditions, the professionalism of its military, etc.)
      As for our current coup, here, its very obviousness offers a window of 
    opportunity--before there develops too much boarding-up (by de rigor nods to 
    "reaching across the aisle," by "Electoral College: Outmoded?" 
    committees/talking-heads, by the usual suspects' "investigations", by calls 
    for Fully Automated Uniform Ballot-Systems [hey with no confusing paper 
    trails!], etc.).
      How can people use this window to reach a more human politic?
      Those who, before, did not vote--most, probably, because they too 
    understood how little voting meant--and many, many of those who did vote, 
    have indeed had a shock.  The Supreme Court's disquieting decision, the fact 
    that Jed Bush governed Florida--these points have made very clear for most 
    citizens what happened.
            Before the clarity is lost--while the non-legitimacy of the 
    soon-to-be-crowned administration (and much else in the structure) is 
    recognized--is the moment for demonstrations, perhaps.  What do you think?

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