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Date: 12/17/00

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    Paula wrote,
    >It's interesting, and probably natural, so many of us have written of the 
    >escape the sixties offered from the (40s and) fifties.  From the Dark Ages is 
    >right, Marty (but maybe the Dark Ages had more going for them). 
    Yes, the fifties are usually written off as a conservative time, but
    "underground" it was a very fertile period: in jazz, in the arts (the abstract
    expressionists), writing (the beats) popular music (rock and a new interest in
    folk roots), TV sit comes and popular comedians. comic books (Mad Magazine).
    What all these arts had in common was new their encouragement of new ways of
    seeing, a new more open aesthetic, of stretching the imagination -- and a
    social consciousness that didn't beat you over the head. Also, African American
    culture was the major creative force and this too gave people a new way of
    looking at society. 
    A lot of authors have touched on the creative ferment of the fifties, but a
    definitive account has not yet been written.
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