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Date: 12/16/00

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    << On another point--Stew, I remember in France 8 months before Allende's 
    overthrow, people (inc. some residents from Chile) were worrying it might 
    happen; and, that September day in 1973 here when I saw the SFChronicle 
    headline "Allende overthrown in Chile," there had been for maybe a week news 
    commentary (re the truckers etc.) that this was coming; I remember the sense 
    of horror, yet not of the unexpected, on seeing those words.  --I don't 
    question the persons or media or whatever you saw there weren't expecting it, 
    but how did that happen?  Please let me know (off or on list); thanks. >>
    I went to Chile, I guess it was six months to a  year before the coup, with 
    Phil Ochs and Jerry Rubin. We talked to Chileans of every stripe - and yes 
    (as I said in my posting) many, but not all socialists and communists were 
    expecting a coup. But these raducals stressed Chile's democratic traditions 
    and thought the coup would be non-violent and creating a briefly serving 
    junta. Then there would be new elections. So, it would be a coup because 
    Allende would not get to serve out his term - but it would not lead to 
    barbarism and fascism. Phil and I thinking, of the Spanish Civil War 
    disagreed with the Chileans. Jerry thought they were right. And like I said 
    some of them, like our friend Victor Jara were murdered. It's possible that 
    as the coup came closer some of them realized how bloody it would be - but my 
    continuing correspondence with some - (not Jara) did not indicate that 
    development. --Stew 

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