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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 12/13/00

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    >Date:         Tue, 12 Dec 2000
    >From: Andrew Hund <axh69@PO.CWRU.EDU>
    >Subject:      Civil Rights Summer
    >Civil Rights Summer (CRS) -
    >A Fellowship for Emerging Social Justice Leaders
    >CRS is for college students who want to understand, live,
    >and shape the social justice movement. The fellowship is
    >a new leadership development program designed to place
    >contemporary and future social justice struggles within a
    >national and historical context. CRS is currently seeking
    >applicants who will be rising sophomores or juniors by
    >summer 2001.
    >Program Description
    >The fellowship begins June 8, 2001 at Harvard University
    >with a week of academic study and leadership training. The
    >group travels to Washington, D.C. for seven weeks where they
    >will continue their studies while interning in policy-shaping
    >national organizations. Fellows will return to their campuses
    >motivated to play a leadership role, supported by their new
    >knowledge and skills and a large network of CRS peers and
    >CRS is for rising second and third year students at four-year
    >colleges who wish to:
    >  o Understand and discuss critical issues and future
    >trends with progressive thinkers and policy leaders from
    >around the country;
    >  o Ground their social justice work in knowledge of
    >civil rights struggles, past and present;
    >  o Learn about advocacy, grassroots organizing,
    >organization leadership, legislation, enforcement, the
    >media, the courts, and other ways to pursue social justice.
    >  o Develop organizing skills and a deep respect for
    >diversity throughtraining as well as through new friends
    >and mentors.
    >  o Engage national civil rights leaders in effective
    >communication with young leaders.
    >CRS provides housing and transportation; Fellows will also
    >receive a stipend of $120 per week for incidentals and a
    >$1500 scholarship at the end of the fellowship.
    >Click here for an application form
    >(Adobe Acrobat needed
    >For more information, click here
    >http://www.civilrights.org/summer/description.pdf, or
    >contact us via e-mail at mailto:summer@civilrights.org.
    >or write, phone or fax us:
    >1629 K Street NW, Suite 1010
    >Washington DC 20006
    >Tel: 202-466-6058
    >Fax: 202-466-3435
    >Applications must be postmarked by Friday, February 23,

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