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Date: 12/11/00

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    I have read this book, and I would like to second the recommendation that 
    it should be read. It it written in a highly entertaining and engaging 
    style and the conclusions drawn are tough to dispute. Be aware, though, 
    that the author, Jim Goad, although highly literate, published the VERY 
    controversial 'zine "Answer Me!", which included rape fantasies, among 
    other really weird stuff. He is currently in an Oregon prison serving a 
    two-year term for beating the crap out of his girlfriend, which he 
    gleefully recounts in the book "Apocalypse Culture II."  White trash, indeed!
      Hell, get his email address.  I think he
      could make an interesting contribution to the 
      Rape fantasies?  Beat his girlfriend?  That's
      no surprise.  One thing about Goad is that he
      makes no attempt to idealize or glamorize
      white trash.  He presents them as they are.
      He certainly doesn't glamorize liberals
      In spite of his personal flaws, the book is
      well worth reading.  If every piece of 
      literature had to be written by a saint 
      before deemed worthy of reading, we would
      all remain very ignorant indeed.
       ~ Michael Wright
         Norman, Oklahoma

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