[sixties-l] Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 12/07/00

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    Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching
    A curriculum guide for K-12 classrooms
    The Network of Educators on the Americas (NECA) & the
    Poverty and Race Research Action Council (PRRAC) invite
    you to submit materials for "Putting the Movement Back
    Into Civil Rights Teaching," a K-12 curriculum guide, to be
    followed by a series of professional development institutes.
    Taught as a multifaceted people's struggle for social justice,
    the Civil Rights Movement can help students develop a critical
    analysis of racism and resistance enabling them understand
    their role in implementing social change. The central
    themes will include:
    * The multiple strategies used during the Civil Rights Movement
    * The Movement prior to the 1950's and its continuation today
    * The Movement's impact on other national and international
        social and liberation movements
    * The creation and role of culture in the Movement
    The focus areas will be citizenship, education and labor.
    We seek interactive, interdisciplinary lessons, readings,
    graphics, and/or interviews. We hope that you will join
    us in our effort to create this dynamic publication.
    Publication date is Summer 2001.
    Submit articles and lessons ASAP to:
    NECA/Teaching for Change
    P.O. Box 73038
    Washington, DC 20056-3038
    (800) 763.9131

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