Re: [sixties-l] RE: The US election crisis: why Attack Nader not Gore = Bush?

Date: 12/08/00

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    Bill Mandel (one of my favorite posters) wrote:  >Inasmuch as the Sixties 
    list has no line on anythingwhatever, I don't understandTom Nagy's 
    unsubscription, unless he would have the listcensor out people whodon't agree 
    with him.
     <  Maybe he left for the same reason I just unsubscribed.  The list is just 
    too caustic andnontolerant.  I was a kid when most ofyou folks were out doing 
    things I considered to be meaningful and admirable.  You were, willing or 
    not, models for actionfor me.  Something I thought to pass onwith my own  
    children. Believe me, I love a good debate.  Heck, I adore an argument.  
    Instead, I see sophomoric name calling, ,arrogancein abundance, needless 
    bashing (from all directions), objectionable language andso much off the 
    topic that it doesn't keep my interest.  I learned a lot, lurking for several 
    yearsand was pleased to have the list resurface For all the thoughful and 
    incisive analysis that used toappear on these postings, I thank you.
    M. Kiehn-Sanford
    Former Faithful Forty-something Female Lurker

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