Re: [sixties-l] Yeah it's Bad Bush, not Al,Joe, Bill and Janet...

From: William M. Mandel (
Date: 12/07/00

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    "William M. Mandel" wrote:
    > Because one reason for writing my Saying No To Power was that I had, on a number of
    > major events in my lifetime, pointed to the need for certain actions (firing Gen.
    > MacArthur, recognizing in 1960 that a new student movement had been borne and would
    > affect the country's history, how to settle the Cuba Missile Crisis in 1962, etc.), I
    > would like to state for the record that I was the first on this list to focus
    > specifically on Gore's failure to direct attention to the violation of Black voting
    > rights in Florida despite the fact that his chances for the presidency hinge on this.
    > Likewise, when Medea Benjamin last week posted a statement on the Florida issue
    > dealing solely with the recount, I immediately e-mailed Global Exchange urging an
    > amendment to that statement.
    >                                                 William Mandel
    > " Tom Nagy, Ph.D." wrote:
    > > Reality check time, folks. Who kept the FBI from launching an immediate and
    > > massive investigation of violations of Black voting rights in Florida?
    > >
    > >      Hint: it ain't Ralph Nader and it ain't the Republican devils who have not
    > > run the executive branch for 8 years.
    > >
    > >      Folks, it's your chum Bill, and his sidekicks Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, and
    > > Janet Reno, and the flunkie "running" the FBI, that's who.
    > >
    > >      So let's get real here for a minute.
    > >
    > >       If the Bore and the Loserman go down for the count, it's because of their
    > > own racist insistance on ignoring the massive "irregularities" directed against
    > > Black voters so they could spend all their time and money on smaller
    > > "irregularities" directed against their white voters.
    > >
    > >     By the way, why doesn't this 60's list  notice the crimes committed daily in
    > > our names to prop up the last remaining de jure aparthaid country in the word,
    > > Israel? Or maybe the Palestinians are no more human than the Blacks of Florida?
    > > Maybe we Whites are indeed the Chosen People and God gave Amerika to us just like
    > > She gave Palestine/Israel to the Jews. Ah yes, the Divine as realator and racist
    > > decided that one  ethnic group is "chosen" another  ethnic group is "not chosen".
    > > Some god. If there were such a god, it would be rightly denouced as a skinhead!
    > >
    > >     Hey, if  folks are establishment liberals, committed to the status quo with
    > > minor tinkering arround the edges, why not just say so. It will keep you from
    > > running afoul of D.Horowitz who evidently gets confused at times.
    > >
    > >     Sorry if I'm not congenial, but tomorrow I'm off to hear Hans Von Sponeck
    > > speak the truth about our contined genocide against the entire nation of Iraq.  As
    > > a sick old geezer, who would be dead without modern medicine, it's pretty hard for
    > > me to face up to the fact that my dog has a better chance of living out it's full
    > > life span than the people of Iraq. And  this monstrous situation is not going to
    > > change weather the Pres and VP are Gore-Lieberman or Bush-Chaney. Nor will the
    > > continued concentration of wealth into the pockets of the top 1%, nor the
    > > expensive pretense of security through the continued flow of money into prisons
    > > and the pentagon. So don't ask me to cry over poor Al and Joe and the other
    > > democrats = republicans.
    > >
    > > I am heartsick and grow weary of the pretense that the Democrats are fundementally
    > > different than the Republicans. It's an illusion that kills too many kids.
    > >
    > > Tom

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