Re: [sixties-l] Sixties-l] Lesson Of Election 2000: Neo Slavery

From: Mark Bunster (
Date: 12/07/00

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    At 12:46 PM 12/06/2000, Blankfort wrote:
    >What is clear from the silence of Gore-Lieberman and Democratic Party
    >apparachiks concerning the violations of the Voting Right Act relating
    >to African-American voters in Florida is the Demos intent to distance
    >the Party in the public viewpoint from being the party of Black
    >Americans. even when it could enhance their presidential chances!
    What, exactly, are their claims?
    a) the ballot was confusing. This has been ajudicated, and--fairly or 
    not--that's about all one can hope for.
    b) the lines were long. Hey, they were really long where I voted, too. In 
    any case, what possible remedy is there?
    c) they were not allowed to vote.
    Of these, only c) has any useful course of action. I understand 468 
    complaints were lodged with the Justice Department. What are they, and how 
    are they verifiable? Further, do they point to intentional fraud or 
    malfeasance, or--like the embarassing data cleaning job done on Florida's 
    list of ineligble voters due to felony conviction--unfortunate but 
    non-criminal mistakes?
    Seems awfully premature to throw around the rhetoric of abandonment without 
    a passel of facts to back up the charges. 

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