[sixties-l] Yeah it's Bad Bush, not Al,Joe, Bill and Janet...

From: Tom Nagy, Ph.D. (nagy@gwu.edu)
Date: 12/06/00

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    Reality check time, folks. Who kept the FBI from launching an immediate and
    massive investigation of violations of Black voting rights in Florida?
         Hint: it ain't Ralph Nader and it ain't the Republican devils who have not
    run the executive branch for 8 years.
         Folks, it's your chum Bill, and his sidekicks Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, and
    Janet Reno, and the flunkie "running" the FBI, that's who.
         So let's get real here for a minute.
          If the Bore and the Loserman go down for the count, it's because of their
    own racist insistance on ignoring the massive "irregularities" directed against
    Black voters so they could spend all their time and money on smaller
    "irregularities" directed against their white voters.
        By the way, why doesn't this 60's list  notice the crimes committed daily in
    our names to prop up the last remaining de jure aparthaid country in the word,
    Israel? Or maybe the Palestinians are no more human than the Blacks of Florida?
    Maybe we Whites are indeed the Chosen People and God gave Amerika to us just like
    She gave Palestine/Israel to the Jews. Ah yes, the Divine as realator and racist
    decided that one  ethnic group is "chosen" another  ethnic group is "not chosen".
    Some god. If there were such a god, it would be rightly denouced as a skinhead!
        Hey, if  folks are establishment liberals, committed to the status quo with
    minor tinkering arround the edges, why not just say so. It will keep you from
    running afoul of D.Horowitz who evidently gets confused at times.
        Sorry if I'm not congenial, but tomorrow I'm off to hear Hans Von Sponeck
    speak the truth about our contined genocide against the entire nation of Iraq.  As
    a sick old geezer, who would be dead without modern medicine, it's pretty hard for
    me to face up to the fact that my dog has a better chance of living out it's full
    life span than the people of Iraq. And  this monstrous situation is not going to
    change weather the Pres and VP are Gore-Lieberman or Bush-Chaney. Nor will the
    continued concentration of wealth into the pockets of the top 1%, nor the
    expensive pretense of security through the continued flow of money into prisons
    and the pentagon. So don't ask me to cry over poor Al and Joe and the other
    democrats = republicans.
    I am heartsick and grow weary of the pretense that the Democrats are fundementally
    different than the Republicans. It's an illusion that kills too many kids.

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